DirectTrack Powers Online Gaming

Improve your revenue chain with the most advanced performance tracking solution built specficly for the online gaming industry.

As the growth of the online gaming industry explodes, the DirectTrack Performance Gaming Platform keeps pace. Custom-built for the nuances of the online gaming industry, the enhanced platform provides a consolidated access point for innovative tracking, flexible commission solutions, and real-time analytics to help gaming developers and networks maximize player acquisition and ROI.

Customized for online gaming.

With DirectTrack’s highly customizable architecture you can generate more new players, optimize and target with in-game ad serving, track installs, create revenue-sharing opportunities, and much more. The platform is fully integrated for social, mobile, video, or any distribution or traffic channels.

Incorporate DirectTrack into your comprehensive mobile strategy.

With a wide range of mobile tracking, targeting, and ad serving capabilities, DirectTrack accurately tracks the conversion from the web or mobile handset back to the original referring affiliate.

Expand into global markets.

In addition to supporting all currencies and languages, DirectTrack allows its gaming clients to build multiple affiliate interfaces and set access to these interfaces on a “per affiliate” or “affiliate group” level. Clients can create multiple interfaces for individual languages or specific interfaces for each affiliate business model (e.g. affiliate program, channel-partner program, display publishers, etc.) – all managed conveniently within the DirectTrack admin interface.
Accelerate revenue growth with custom commission models.

Expand your affiliate revenue opportunities far beyond the initial sign up with our unique commission models.

Upon successful game or app install, a relationship between player and affiliate is created. As the player continues through a lifecycle of a game performing such actions as buying in-game upgrades, making new level purchases, exchanging virtual currency, or engaging in any type of activity that generates new revenue, the affiliate reaps the benefits of ongoing commissions.  With DirectTrack, there are endless possibilities.

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