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Mobile Marketing and Emerging Channels

Profitably Reach Your Target Audience Where They Live, Work and Play

Would you like to incorporate Twitter, Facebook or Smartphones into your performance marketing mix?  We have the integrated tools and expertise you’ll need to seamlessly and profitably integrate social media, video and mobile affiliate marketing into your performance marketing initiatives.
Target, connect and gain visibility into your most profitable customers and prospects while gaining a strong foothold against your competition.  Expand revenue, distribution and sales activity through emerging channel promotions, while offering new content types designed to target viral distribution.

Available Emerging Channel Integrations Include:

  • Mobile Messaging, Ad Delivery, SMS Integration and Opt-in Mobile Number Acquisition
  • Online Video Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Rich Media Integration

Opt-In Mobile Number Acquisition

Would you like a targeted, scrubbed and fully complaint list of usable mobile numbers for your performance marketing initiatives?  We’re uniquely positioned to tap directly into the highest volume and highest quality source for viable mobile numbers to help your organization build a profitable mobile number database. 

Our extensive integrated tool set is designed to help you efficiently distribute and track mobile number acquisition campaigns, and effectively find the correct media outlets based on vertical, geography, product set, or campaign type.  Using proprietary technology, we can systematically gather mobile numbers and ensure each customer has opted in for database inclusion.

Mobile Ad Delivery and SMS Marketing

Market on the cutting edge with our mobile ad delivery and SMS marketing solutions.  DirectTrack mobile marketing features were built to keep mobile marketers compliant within the ever changing mobile landscape. From mobile campaign management and analytics to messaging, stats and ad delivery, we have what you need to start generating increased program traffic, while fueling a new source of revenue growth and customer acquisition.  You won’t find an integrated “mobile-enabled” affiliate tracking solution anywhere else.

Manage and Monitor Everything from our Intuitive Campaign Dashboard

From social media and online video to rich media and mobile technologies, our emerging channel solutions provide marketers with the integrated tools and expertise they’ll need to build, deploy, manage, track and optimize online messaging and ad campaigns via our powerful and intuitive centralized campaign dashboard.

Channel Intelligence to Drive Informed Business Decisions

With advanced tracking, monitoring, measurement and reporting functionality built directly into our performance marketing platform, you’ll have the integrated intelligence and granular business insight you need to not only evaluate channel effectiveness, but optimize it for maximum profitability and efficiency.

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